Advanced Supply Chain Management

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Inventory Management Solutions

As a strategic supplier to many customers in several diverse industries, XACT EMS understands how critical supply chain solutions are to our customers’ success and operational efficiency. At XACT EMS, we are focused on and committed to delivering high-quality products on time and within budget. We offer programs and services, including Guaranteed Inventory Programs, VMI, and Consignment to help you mitigate risks and optimize visibility in your supply chain.


We have extensive experience in the energy sector, offering products and solutions designed for hazardous and non-hazardous locations. Turn your power on with XACT EMS.
Military & Defense
Our profound expertise aligns with the demands and requirements of the Canadian and the United States Departments of Defense. Protect your assets with XACT EMS.
Communications & Telecom
Along with valuable technology partners, we develop new products and solutions to meet the challenge of today’s world and the future. Stay connected with XACT EMS.
We provide application-specific products, including ruggedized and industrial-grade products that keep your mission-critical operations productive and protected. Optimize performance with XACT EMS.
Whatever your mode of transportation, we utilize materials from best-in-class manufacturers to ensure the performance, safety and reliability of the finished design. Connect with XACT EMS.
Food & Beverage /
Process Automation
XACT products and solutions include modular designs to minimize downtime and address contamination and health compliance. Link your process with XACT EMS.

Our Global Transportation Network

Our supply chain management team has established strategic relationships with key global vendors, ensuring a consistently value-driven supply chain. We utilize leading-edge ERP management software, optimizing inventories and ROI. To ensure continuity in your supply chain, XACT EMS works with logistics partners and reliable global supply chains.

The XACT EMS Commitment

Supply chain management engineer

Guaranteed Quality

Quality is integral to our company’s culture. Our lean manufacturing environment, our commitment to continuous improvement, and our extensive testing and inspecting of products ensure quality and builds trust, success, and lasting partnerships.

XACT - Engineering design services

Rapid Turnaround

When you have deadlines to meet, we deliver. We are customer-centric and strive to provide exceptional customer service and response times to ensure industry-leading performance and on-time delivery, striving to achieve perfect order delivery every time.

XACT - Engineering design services

Turnkey Solutions

From concept to completion, we deliver innovative and customized solutions. Our turnkey solutions include Cable Assemblies, Wiring Harnesses, Panel Assemblies, and programs and services for inventory and product management and deployment.

Reliable Supply Chain Management Services

XACT EMS has built a robust supply chain with best-in-class market-leading manufacturers to provide products and solutions delivered with our own advanced supply chain management programs, allowing us to become an extension of your organization. Our supply chain management team can support your business requirements and help you mitigate risk, eliminate downtime, and minimize your exposure to obsolete inventory.