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The challenges of geopolitical uncertainty, foreign and domestic unrest and advancing competition have created complex conditions for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in Aerospace, Defense and Security. At XACT EMS, we excel working in these conditions as an OEM, providing solutions featuring the latest technology and capabilities for mission-critical military applications and features.

Case Study

The Challenge

The US Army was experiencing challenges with the field repairable fuse holder for the M1 Abrams main battle tank. The issue was causing severe downtime for services.

The Solution

After listening to and understanding the issue at hand, XACT EMS worked quickly and efficiently to design and engineer a field repairable fuse holder that is 100% shielded and ideal for use on Military Vehicles. 


Upon presenting the solution, the US Army approved and adopted the innovative shielded fuse holder for use in M1 Abrams. The product is still utilized today and is a representation of the strong manufacturing expertise that we have for the United States Department of Defense.


Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD) Registration #25719

Joint Certification Program (JCP) #0056892

IPC-A-610 & IPC-J-STD-001, Class 2 & 3

IPC/WHMA-A-620 & MIL-STD Wiring

IPC RoHS Compliance Certification

AS9100: 2016 Re-Certification (In Process)

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

NATO Cage Code: L1030


Cable Assemblies / Harnesses

The XACT EMS Commitment

Supply chain management engineer

Guaranteed Quality

Quality is integral to our company’s culture. Our lean manufacturing environment, our commitment to continuous improvement, and our extensive testing and inspecting of products ensure quality and builds trust, success, and lasting partnerships.

XACT - Engineering design services

Rapid Turnaround

When you have deadlines to meet, we deliver. We are customer-centric and strive to provide exceptional customer service and response times to ensure industry-leading performance and on-time delivery, striving to achieve perfect order delivery every time.

XACT - Engineering design services

Turnkey Solutions

From concept to completion, we deliver innovative and customized solutions. Our turnkey solutions include Cable Assemblies, Wiring Harnesses, Panel Assemblies, and programs and services for inventory and product management and deployment.

Military Systems Supported By XACT EMS

Our solutions can be found around the globe — in the air, on land and at sea, integrating with various communication systems, networks and military vehicles. While we have established direct relationships with the Canadian Forces and the United States Department of Defense, we also provide support to our NATO allies.

  • Blue Force Tracker (BFT)
  • Joint Battle Command Platform (JBC-P)
  • Defence Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) AN/PSN-13
  • Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR) AN/PSN-11
  • Radio & Intercom Systems including SINCGARS and TOCNET

Vehicles Supported