Two Locations. One Purpose.

XACT EMS has two locations to serve clients across North America, in Houston and Calgary. Both facilities are well-equipped to meet the needs of our customers and to facilitate future growth. Each location boasts more than 50,000 square feet and is home to both business operations and manufacturing, enabling our team to provide seamless, integrated support to clients.

State-of-the-Art Capabilities

Our world-class manufacturing facilities are fully secured, designed and constructed to ensure optimal performance in terms of space utilization, workflow and safety in addition to reflecting our care and consideration of the environment. Our manufacturing facility, as well as our seasoned design, production, sales and support personnel, are a reflection of our culture and purpose.
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Customer Focused

Customers are our #1 focus, and we are continuously striving to expand and enhance production. Our facilities include on-site access to advanced R&D capabilities, rapid prototyping and testing equipment.

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Environmentally Responsible

We're committed to respecting the environment. Seeking out a business-sensible facility has allowed us to reduce emissions and power consumption and to embrace a philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle.

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Committed to Safety

We've created a Work Safe environment that fosters top quality workmanship, equipped with fire suppression equipment, digitally controlled HVAC systems, and centralized dangerous goods storage centres.