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Military Approved DAGR Accessories

The Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) is a handheld device used by the United States Department of Defense. DAGR cables and accessories improve and enhance various aspects of the device for rugged military use. At XACT EMS, we are proud to be a top supplier of DAGR accessories that play an essential role in mission-critical military applications.


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1030-3600-5M - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company


1030-6400-10M - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company


1030-DAPC-5012 - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company


07006B0038 (DFH-4) - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company

07006B0038 (DFH-4)

030-ACPA-4975 - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company


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1030-EXTP-0002 - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company


1030-CLPC-5008 - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company


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X0429-7050-001 - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company



1030-INMA-5007 - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company


1030-INMT-5006 - DAGR accessories - Fabrication company



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DAGR Installation Mount Adapter 5975-01-521-3063 1030-INMT-5006 987-5006-001
DAGR to RA-1 Cable (5m with SMA connector) 5995-01-504-1762 1030-3600-5M 987-4640-001
DAGR to RA-1 Cable (10m with SMA connector) 5995-01-521-4244 1030-4800-10M 987-5016-001
DAGR to RA-2 Cable (10m with TNC connector) 5995-01-521-2941 1030-6400-10M 987-5015-001
DAGR to SINCGARS Cable 5995-01-521-3187 1030-SINC-5014 987-5014-001
DAGR to PC Cable 5995-01-521-3198 1030-DAPC-5012 987-5012-001
Crypto Keyfill Cable 5995-01-521-3185 1030-CRYP-5180 987-5180-001
Adapter Cable PLGR External Power 6150-01-521-3510 1030-EXTP-5020 987-5020-001
DAGR External Power Cable, Fused (2m) 6150-01-521-6755 1030-EXTP-0002 987-5009-001
DAGR External Power Cable, Fused (5m) 6150-01-521-6757 1030-EXTP-0005 987-5019-001
SIAD to PLGR, 6ft 5995-01-478-4891 881335-1 N/A
SIAD to PLGR, 10ft 5995-01-478-4893 881335-2 N/A
SIAD to PLGR, 12ft 5995-01-478-4898 881335-3 N/A
SIAD to PLGR, 30ft 5995-01-478-4906 881335-4 N/A
KGV-72 ETHERNET Cable 5995-01-604-3171 179184-1 N/A
SATCOM DATA AND POWER Cable 5995-01-598-6028 176631-1 N/A
DAGR External Power Cable, RA45N (1m) 6150-20-007-0312 1030-EPCAV-RA45N N/A
DAGR External Power Cable, RA45S (1m) 5995-20-007-0332 1030-EPCAV-RA45S N/A
DAGR Installation Mount Adapter 5340-01-521-4394 1030-INMA-5007 987-5007-001
DAGR Cigarette Lighter Power Cable 6150-01-521-2548 1030-CLPC-5008 987-5008-001
DAGR to DAGR/PLGR Cable 5995-01-521-2713 1030-DADA-5011 987-5011-001
DAGR AC Power Adapter 6130-01-521-3157 1030-ACPA-4975 987-4975-001
Cold Weather Battery Pack 6130-01-530-4652 X0429-7050-001

**Not NSN Approved**

Spare Prime Power Battery Magazine 6160-01-521-3064 1030-6641-001

**Not NSN Approved**

SMA Spinner 5935-01-534-6963 X-NUT-01 988-9389-001
Lockable Mount 5975-01-603-7726 1030-1NLM-001 N/A
DAGR-PLGR Adapter Cable - External Antenna 5995-01-521-3120 1030-PAEA-5017 987-5017-001
DAGR External Power Cable, No Fuse Holder, 45S Clocking, 10ft 5995-01-598-4604 1030-EPCNF-45S-10 N/A
DAGR to PC Cable, 13ft 5995-01-613-2910 1030-DAPC-5012-13 N/A
Remote Antenna Cable SMA – 5m 6150-01-375-8662 426-0141-050 426-0141-050
PLGR to PLGR Cable - 1.1m 6150-01-375-8663 426-0141-020 N/A
PLGR to PC Cable – 3.1m 6150-01-375-8664 426-0141-010 426-0141-010
SINCGAR – 3.1m 6150-01-375-8666 426-0141-070 426-0141-070
PLGR to TNC – 5m 6150-01-423-5826 426-0141-080 426-0141-080
PLGR Remote Antenna Cable, SMA, 10m 6150-01-454-4497 426-0141-120 426-0141-120
PLGR Remote Antenna Cable, TNC, 10m 5995-01-545-8815 426-0141-130 426-0141-130
90DEG External Power Cable, Fused, 90W Clocking, 5m 6150-01-572-3870 1030-EPC5RA-90W N/A
90deg External Power Cable, Fused, 45S Clocking, 5m 6150-01-572-3875 1030-EPC5RA-45S N/A
90deg External Power Cable, 180N Clocking, 8" 6150-01-594-2415 1030-EXTP-8I-RA180N N/A
DAGR External Power Cable, No Fuse Holder, 225N Clocking, 1ft 6150-01-613-2908 1030-EPCNF-225N-01 N/A

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DAGR Accessories From XACT EMS

A key supplier of DAGR accessories, XACT EMS is one of few cable manufacturers in North America to be approved by the Defense Logistics Agency on multiple National Stock Numbers. XACT EMS was also the first company to build the 90° power cables, lockable mounts, and the 100% shielded DAGR power connector for the defence industry. We are proud of our history manufacturing DAGR accessories.