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Supply chain management engineer - food & beverage
Supply chain management engineer - food and beverage solutions

Food & Beverage Solutions

In food and beverage applications, hygiene and safety are critical. To ensure your machine’s cabling and connectors do not become part of the problem, we utilize materials that meet strict hygiene requirements and approvals. We design solutions that provide a wide variety of cable and connectivity solutions that resist bacteria and other contaminants. Our manufacturing team utilizes approved materials that prevent thermal and hydrolytic degradation, thus increasing safety and compliance across the entire process.


Cable Assemblies / Harnesses


IP67/68/69K rated/corrosive resistant material

NEMA 4X products that require and demand regulatory approval

Ecolab, FDA, NSR approved material

OSHA / FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act)

CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

The XACT EMS Commitment

Supply chain management engineer

Guaranteed Quality

Quality is integral to our company’s culture. Our lean manufacturing environment, our commitment to continuous improvement, and our extensive testing and inspecting of products ensure quality and builds trust, success, and lasting partnerships.

XACT - Engineering design services

Rapid Turnaround

When you have deadlines to meet, we deliver. We are customer-centric and strive to provide exceptional customer service and response times to ensure industry-leading performance and on-time delivery, striving to achieve perfect order delivery every time.

XACT - Engineering design services

Turnkey Solutions

From concept to completion, we deliver innovative and customized solutions. Our turnkey solutions include Cable Assemblies, Wiring Harnesses, Panel Assemblies, and programs and services for inventory and product management and deployment.

How We Improve Your Processes

At XACT EMS, we manufacture and design products and solutions utilizing components and compounds that are resistant to hot and cold temperatures, animal or synthetic-based organic oils, greases, waxes, ammonia compounds, detergents, soaps, and biogases. We can also design products and solutions that incorporate enhanced cleanability products with abrasion and cut-resistant jackets for indoor and outdoor applications. Our products adhere to connectivity requirements for dairy processing, meat and fish processing, bottling machinery, packaging equipment, baking equipment and confectionery processing. We’ve made it our goal to help you keep your plants and equipment safe, hygienic, compliant, and free of contaminants.