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Mission-Critical Military Assemblies

XACT EMS is one of the leading sources for build-to-print, and custom-designed cables and wiring harnesses. We understand that your products cannot fail, because lives depend on it. Our discreet wire harnesses and multi-breakout molded jacketed cables play an essential role in mission-critical military applications, including fighter jets, maritime platforms, and army vehicles.


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Cable assembly manufacturers

11023F1038 (DFH)


We have extensive experience in the energy sector, offering products and solutions designed for hazardous and non-hazardous locations. Turn your power on with XACT EMS.
Military & Defense
Our profound expertise aligns with the demands and requirements of the Canadian and the United States Departments of Defense. Protect your assets with XACT EMS.
Communications & Telecom
Along with valuable technology partners, we develop new products and solutions to meet the challenge of today’s world and the future. Stay connected with XACT EMS.
We provide application-specific products, including ruggedized and industrial-grade products that keep your mission-critical operations productive and protected. Optimize performance with XACT EMS.
Whatever your mode of transportation, we utilize materials from best-in-class manufacturers to ensure the performance, safety and reliability of the finished design. Connect with XACT EMS.
Food & Beverage /
Process Automation
XACT products and solutions include modular designs to minimize downtime and address contamination and health compliance. Link your process with XACT EMS.


Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD) Registration #25719

Joint Certification Program (JCP) #0056892

IPC-A-620 & IPC-J-STD-001, Class 2 & 3

IPC/WHMA-A-620 & MIL-STD Wiring

IPC RoHS Compliance Certification

AS9100: 2016 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

NATO Cage Code: L1030

Quality-Controlled Military Assemblies

Our state-of-the-art production facility is equipped for rapid mobilization to handle urgent requirements. We optimize our supply chains and use strategic inventory management to exceed customer expectations and help them overcome the challenges of tight turnarounds. Our cables are tested multiple times for 100% quality control and given serial numbers for complete traceability. We build custom jacketed cable designs that range from full in-house construction using SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/1 Neoprene, MIL-DTL-27500 and MIL-W-22759 discrete wire with multiple A-A-59569 shielding braids and everything required in between. We also manufacture using pre-built TPU jacketed cables, such as MIL-DTL-3432 (CO) sourced from best in class manufacturers.

The XACT EMS Commitment

Supply chain management engineer

Guaranteed Quality

Quality is integral to our company’s culture. Our lean manufacturing environment, our commitment to continuous improvement, and our extensive testing and inspecting of products ensure quality and builds trust, success, and lasting partnerships.

XACT - Engineering design services

Rapid Turnaround

When you have deadlines to meet, we deliver. We are customer-centric and strive to provide exceptional customer service and response times to ensure industry-leading performance and on-time delivery, striving to achieve perfect order delivery every time.

XACT - Engineering design services

Turnkey Solutions

From concept to completion, we deliver innovative and customized solutions. Our turnkey solutions include Cable Assemblies, Wiring Harnesses, Panel Assemblies, and programs and services for inventory and product management and deployment.

DESC US Army/OEM Part No. USMC Part No.
W1, Processor Unit (PU) Power Cable Assembly 866003-X, 866004-X,
889520-X, 872858-X
07006B0031-XYY, 7011031-B03,
W1A, BFT2 Transceiver Data & Power Cable 170382-X, 170383-X,
176631-X, 176640-X,
176643-X, 881278-X,
881317-X, A1-35997D
W1B, BFT2 Transceiver Data & Power Extension Cable Assembly 170407-X, 176646-X,
176647-X, 881317-X
W1C, AC Power Supply Cable Assembly 881319-1 08002B0092
W1D, DAGR Power Cable 170381-X, 881321-X 07006B0033-XXXYY
W1P, PMA Power Cable Assembly 170376-X, 170377-X,
170463-X, 170493-X
12023A3011-YY, 7011032-B02
W1X, PU & PMA Power Cable Assembly N/A 10017B0030, 7011030,
03002B7638, 03002B7641
W1Y, KGV-72 Power Cable Assembly 170369-X, 176628-X 07006B0043-WWWXXXYY,
W1Z, MT2011 Adapter Cable 170408-1, 176641-X,
W2, Display Unit (DU) Cable Assembly 881327-X (<13ft),
903528-1 (15ft),
903589-1 (25ft)
07006B0019-YY (≤ 12ft - Str),
07006B0020-YY (≤ 12ft - 90deg),
07006B0027-YY (13-18ft),
07006B0028-YY (19-24ft)
W2A, MRC-DU Cable Assembly N/A 07006B0021-YY
W2B, PU J6 TO SVGA 889554-1 07006B0061-YY
W3, Serial Interface Adapter Device (SIAD) 881331-1 07006B0180 & 07006B0182-YY Cable
or 07006B0183-XXXYYY
W3A, SIAD Interface Cable Assy N/A 07006B0182-YY,
W3B, DAGR TO PU Cable Assy N/A 07006B0068-XXXYYYZZZ
W1030, GPS Antenna Cable Assy 170414-X 07006B0051-YY, 07006B0052-YY
W3P, DAGR TO SIAD Cable 881335-X, 872855-X 07006B0056-YY
DAGR RS-422 Pigtail Cable N/A 07006B0057-YY
DAGR Surge Suppressor PWA N/A 08002B0105
Surge Suppressor Plastic Support N/A 07006B0156
W3T, KGV-72 to PU J7 Cable N/A 07006B0049-XXXYY
W3V, PU J4 USB Breakout Cable Assembly N/A 07006B0022-XXXYY, 7011022-02
W3X, PU J5 USB Breakout Cable Assembly N/A 07006B0023-YY, 7011024
W4, PU Audio to Intercomm Cable Assembly 881263-X, 881270-X 07006B0055-YY
W7, J7 EIAD TO PU Cable Assy 8900-36701-XXXX 07006B0025-XXXYY,
W7F, J7 EIAD TO KGV-72 Cable N/A 07006B0045-XXXYY,
Power Module Assembly (PMA) 170306-1 08002B0190
PMA Wiring Harness 170325 08002B0191

Benefits of XACT EMS Military Assemblies

At XACT EMS, we specialize in turnkey and partial product design and development solutions, as well as dedicated rapid development and prototyping. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to build and test standard/custom cables alongside RF, semi-rigid coax and fiber optic assemblies. Some of our differentiators include supply chain risk mitigation and procurement, continuous quality improvement, in-house testing, strategy, design, development, and aftermarket services, including field upgrades and spares, maintenance, warranties, and repairs. In addition to mass production, we also provide high-mix and low-volume lean manufacturing for mission-critical environments.