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How Much Does A DAGR Cost?

At XACT, our cable systems have a wide variety of applications. Of course, our custom solutions and excellence as cable manufacturers speak for themselves, but we also create capable equipment for military applications. A piece of equipment that we are intimately familiar with is the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR). Usually, the US military and other governments around the world use this technology for surveying purposes as well as personnel location. Today, we will learn what the average cost of this device is, but first, you must understand the relevant factors that affect the price.

The Cable Manufacturing Side of the DAGR

We do not manufacture the DAGR, but instead, the accessories that military personnel use in conjunction with the device. These accessories have many applications but mainly centre around proper power and connection management. For instance, we have many options available for displaying the vital data that the DAGR collects on other devices or screens, such as PCs and remote antennas. 

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Additionally, we provide cables that connect the DAGR to other equipment, such as the SINCGARS combat net radio. Also, our specialty cables help keep troops safe. Such as the cryptographic keyfill cables, which enable better obfustication of signals and communication.

Furthermore, each of our cables makes the job of US military personnel easier. As an example, our 2m and 5m external power cables make recharging DAGR devices a quick and simple process. Our surge suppressor cable helps prevent the loss of any critical data. And, our installation mount gives the DAGR a stationary home during any deployment. 

The Cost of the DAGR

Of course, each of the cables we describe above will change the cost of the DAGR. Although they provide necessary and crucial support for the unit. However, the cost of a DAGR is relatively standard, and US military personnel purchase them at a price of roughly $1,800. For a complete list of the accessory cables and items we have available, please contact us with the information provided below. We look forward to becoming the cable manufacturers for you.

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