Engineered Solutions

Advanced Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is often over-looked and under-valued as a key element of operational success. At XACT, we consider Supply Chain Management to be one of the cornerstones of our success.

As a supplier of engineered electrical solutions to industry, we understand the impact we have on the operational efficiency and outcomes of our customers. As such, we proactively manage the supply chain continuum, starting at the point of engagement with our own vendors and running through to our customers’ installation and ERP systems; all of our resources are focused on getting the final product, a top-quality product, delivered on time and on budget.

  • XACT has established strategic relationships with key vendors, ensuring a robust, value-driven source of supply.

  • We have adopted lean manufacturing and point-of-use inventory practices, ensuring optimal inventory management and ROI.

  • Our lean business processes are underpinned by leading-edge ERP software; enabling the interconnection with vendor and customer systems.

  • XACT has worked with logistics experts to establish a global transportation network, getting our products where they need to be when they are needed.