Who We Are

Our Focus

We know that in order for our company to be successful, our customers need to be successful. As such, we work hard to earn their business – every day.


As a manufacturer of engineered electrical solutions, we focus on delivering exceptional quality to our customers, through both our products and services.

Strong, collaborative relationships are critical to achieving success and are recognized as a foundational building block of our progress. Through the design, manufacturing, installation and on-going support phases, the XACT team works closely with customers to ensure that all requirements are met and expectations exceeded.


Our Culture

The success of any company can very often be linked to the corporate culture – the people, the processes, the underlying philosophy of every action undertaken to achieve corporate goals.

At XACT, we put customers first and that has become a key driver of our corporate culture.

Working hard to exceed customer expectations and ensure customer satisfaction requires a well-trained, cohesive team; a team that believes in and follows the principles of continuous improvement.

Importantly, the team is supported by systems, processes and policies that enable them to fully deliver on their responsibilities; understanding their impact to the overall success of the organization.

It all starts with and ends with listening to our customers.

Our History

XACT is a privately-owned manufacturing company that was founded in 1999 by Eric Amos in Calgary, Alberta.

Located in a city synonymous with Oil and Gas, the company was sought out by industry leaders for their expertise in custom electrical cabling and assemblies. That success translated to other industries including defense, communications, IT, transportation, agriculture and utilities among others.

Initially established to provide custom cable assemblies to local industry, the company soon expanded to include injection molding capabilities and offer over-molding solutions to a growing customer base. Working with customers to solve problems / meet their needs, XACT has expanded the product line to include electrical panels, Measurement-While-drilling (MWD), and unique proprietary installations.

The manufacturing capabilities of XACT have progressed through the years, with the company achieving ISO 9001 certification in 2006 and adopting lean manufacturing practices with the relocation to the company’s world-class facility in 2012.