Our Processes

We take customer satisfaction seriously at XACT. Our continued success depends on that and as such, we believe that it all starts and ends with listening to our customers. Our processes have been developed with our customers in mind, they are implemented with our customers input and evolve with their feedback.



Knowing that time invested in proper planning and design translates to success in the field, our technical sales, engineering and design teams work closely with customers to ensure specific project requirements are identified and needs are met.

Over the course of many years, we have consistently proven our capabilities in solving complex electrical interconnection problems.

Design consultation is available to optimize efficiency and apply cost effective solutions. Product design from 3D modeling to prototyping and comprehensive testing ensure that full solution development and production results in a successful installation.

Lean Manufacturing

XACT is one of the most progressive electrical manufacturing companies in North America, adopting a philosophy of and adhering to the principles of lean manufacturing.

This approach to achieving manufacturing excellence and providing optimum value to customers is prevalent in every aspect of the business; from engineering and design to procurement, production, and transportation, XACT customers are the direct beneficiaries of our lean operations.

Supply Chain Management

As a supplier of engineered electrical solutions to industry, we understand the impact we have on the operational efficiency and outcomes of our customers.

We proactively manage the supply chain continuum, starting at the point of engagement with our own vendors and running through to our customer’s installation and ERP systems; we know that all of our resources are focused on getting the final product installed on time and on budget.

Customer Support

As our business has grown and evolved, so too has our approach to customer support.

Working closely with our customers, listening to their concerns and understanding their challenges, we have implemented an integrated team structure to deliver superior customer care. From technical sales and support to production and logistics, all hands are on deck to ensure excellence in customer support.

XACT customers have access to our customer portal (coming soon) where they can access drawings, view the status of their orders and manage their account.